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How I play the game?

You start with an enigmatic hub and work your way through various missions that sometimes involve real life: like a clue hidden on an employee's voice mail on a real company directory.

What are the game mechanics?

You can play in RAID: 500 players and more over a weeklong mission coordinating both real life and virtual challenge.

Small Group: Team-up with other players to achieve a common goal. Example: eliminate an enemy sniper who is roaming in your town.

Single Player: Storyline and various missions that challenge your real life skills and knowledge, history, mathematical, art, logical.... Must meet where is Carmen San Diego.

That said, all your actions, even in a single mission, bear consequence on all the universe for all the players.

Not saving the cheerleader means...She is dead. It's over.

What's in it for me?

In-game TSW awesome uniforms plus 10$ rebate on the one-year of ARG Gameplay and mission. ($20 for one year instead of $30)